Eco-Friendly Cards

eco friendly cards

Eco-Friendly plastic cards are ideal for those who demand a premium, professional quality product and are environmentally conscious. Like all other comparable plastic products, conventional PVC cards are characterised by their long service life. They may have a durability advantage but have a disadvantage too.

The structure of conventional PVCs remains intact for several years and thus pollutes our environment as long-term waste. That’s why we offer alternative and recyclable cards made of Eco-Friendly PVC cards. These are cards with a PVC structure that biodegrades together with organic matter in a compostable environment.

The by-products are environmentally neutral and non-toxic!

Thanks to environmentally friendly PVC cards, you get a high-quality PVC plastic card that is also good for the environment. These biodegradable PVC cards work like standard plastic ID cards and can be printed on any card printer.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly cards:

  • No PVC, therefore biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Inexpensive and fast delivery
  • Personalisable with codes, photos or names
  • Finishing and scratch-off fields are possible

At ID card printers, we offer a perfect solution to print ID cards at a minimal cost and ensure our clients achieve their mission-critical priorities by offering cost-effective & customer-oriented solutions.