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The extensive Smart Card portfolio includes authentication, identity governance, and access management solutions. In keeping with the major demand in the system for plastic cards, Faith the international distributor for Smart Card Printers provides instant printing solutions for plastic ID Cards.

All the products available with us share a long-standing reputation for technical excellence and providing cost-effective and convenient solutions to the customers.

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IDP Solid 310S

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IDP Solid 510 Series

IDP Solid 510S

IDP Solid 510D

IDP Solid 510L

Factors to Be Considered Before Buying Smart Card Printers

Searching for an ID card printer doesn’t have to be overwhelming: Focusing on the below-listed factors can help you to make the right decision.

Single & Dual-side Printing

Most smart card printers are available in either single or dual-side modules. Single-sided printers are less expensive but more time consuming as an individual has to manually flip and re-print on the backside of the cards. Dual-sided card printers are easy to handle and have no hassle in printing on dual sides resulting in saving a lot of time on large batches.

Dye Sublimation & Reverse Transfer

Dye-sublimation printers are the most common and inexpensive type of printer. They use panelled ribbon to add colour to the card but often leave a small white border on each card. Reverse transfer printers (also known as retransfer printers) use a ribbon and transfer film to produce a higher quality print that is all-embracing and borderless.

Volume Requirements

Organisations that print larger batches want printers with larger tray sizes, faster print speeds, and high-capacity ribbons. Organisations that only print small volumes can save money by purchasing a printer with only manual feed or printers without long-run capabilities.

Lamination & Visual Security

Laminating ID cards greatly enhances the durability and cost of ID cards. These features are essential for cards that are regularly handled or swiped. Lamination can also be used to add holograms for high security and there are other less expensive ways to add visual security including watermark, holographic cardboard and hologram sticker.

Connection Type

All ID card printers can be connected directly to a PC with a USB cable. If you need to connect to a Mac, make sure you select a Mac-compatible printer. If you need to connect to a network to print from multiple computers, be sure to choose a printer with Ethernet.

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